Thursday, August 15, 2019

Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies

It’s been awhile since our last post, sorry to those who have been following. We are at the end of our three weeks on Debbie our Narrowboat in Bonny Scotland. This is a collection of photos particularly the Falkirk Wheel and Kelpies.

We return home Wednesday 21st, our trip has been truly amazing, we are so blessed to have been able to do it.

Oh, how we'd found Mike six month ago, a few short minutes on my computer and he will never know the sanity he brought - Thanks Mike with your cnrl z.

Going up on the wheel then along the Union Canal to Edinburgh

Linlithgow - St Michaels church with its amazing modern spire which can be seen for miles around, we are told it can be seen as you fly out of Edinburgh airport.

The palace where it is reported that Mary Queen of Scotts was born, this is next to St Michael's. Our guides ove the palace were from the local secondary school, a teacher started a program a number of years ago with teaching primary students about the palace and training them to be volunteer guides. The program works well with the Secondary Students teaching the Primary students  then over the holidays taking guided tours - they were excellent.

We were in Edinburgh over the period of the annual Festival - lots going on as you see. We will spend our last two days here again before flying home Monday.

A traditional Scottich night out, well done, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next night was the Edinburgh Tattoo - we have seen it in Australia but its nothing like being in its home town. It was fine for our performance but the one after was not as lucky. Great to be able to live on the boat right in the middle of the city while exploring all there is to be seen.

Back down the wheel, such an amazing experience. Unlike England you have to book your passages along the Scottish Canals as they supply Volunteers to work the locks.

Plenty of Blackberries and raspberries along the canals, what a bonus.

Caught in a downpour, lucky there was a bridge handy to shelter under, we didn't take our umbrella as it was a fine day up until then. Never go anywhere in Scotland without the wet weather gear.

A wonderful two days at the Kelpies, Duke and Baron. 30 metre high steel sculptures by Andy Scott, there is one of his sculptures on the Gold Coast which we must look up next time up th

Duke's shoe, Duke and Baron sat for this project and we're told they sat and enjoyed the study, lifting their heads to the position needed for the project. 

Would you believe the Tasmanian pipe band played at the Kelpies, an American band were here today, what fun!

What a great light show, we just have to see the Wheel lit up now.

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Campbell Clan

Invereray Castle, this magnificent residence is the family home of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell, whose family have been in residence since the early 15th century and still are. Lindsay called by to claim his share in this estate, being a Campbell, unfortunatly the piece of stone was too heavey to bring home likewise with the canon that was guarding the front gate. 

We know why the Campbells are so partial to a Chocolate, especially Cadburys Chocolate, they are joined in wedded bliss.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


The battle of Culloden was betweeen the Jacobites (made up of many people who were for Scotland and Prince Charlie against the British Army). This was the site where the battle was fought and lost in a one hour battle.

Clava Cairns - The Clava Cairns are about 4,000 years old and were built to house the dead.

We searched and searched but we couldn't find the Loch Ness monster anywhere, but people will continue to search as they have for hundreds of years.

The weather closed in, not unusual for Scotland but it didn't stop us.
With our interest in canals we had to visit the Caledonian Canal which goes from Inverness for 60 miles along the Great Glen coming out at Corpach near Fort William. There are about 8 locks in the Inverness section. The single yacht was heading east to Holland while the group of yachts were going across the country then circumnavigating the United Kingdom. We enjoyed watching them also hearing their stories.