Monday, April 29, 2019

Exploring London via the Canal system

This last week we have been on the Canals in the middle of London, spent 4 days at Little Venus right by Paddington Station. From here we had easy access to the London Underground so visited a couple more sights. Toured the Canals past old warehouses, gas works and interesting things including the 2012 Olympic Site which is on an Island surrounded by the Canal System.

These photos are from the Royal Mews which is where all the Queens horses and carriges are kept. You will see the carriage make at Dubbo by an Australian for the Queens Silver Jubilee. In our tour group were a couple from Dubbo who knew the Coach builder so that made our day.

This is a large Community Garden along the Canal with some of its volunteers!

We've found Rob Kables Ice Cream cart!

A block of units all made from 40' shipping containers, there were three levels and the went back by at least 2 blocks, there would have been about 120 containers.

Milton Keynes to Uxbridge (near London)

This last week we have been leading up to Easter which is the most important time of the year for us to remember afreash the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have now celebrated the stone being rolled away with the angel announcing the that Jesus had risen just like He said He would. We can be assured that He was trustworthy then and is still today.

We arrived at the first lock Monday morning only to find that all the gates were open and the water had all drained away so before we could do anything we had to fill up the basin between the locks. Hope this doesn't happen too often.

As its been School Holidays we have spent time with children watching what we were doing and allowing them to have a go. So much fun to see these young people learning about the Canals and how the locks work.

The British Museum was filled with interest from the ancient world

Easter Saturday we spent at the Victoria and Albert Museum, there were the most amazing tapestries from the Gospels all with the verses to go with them. Each peace would have been about 6 x 10 metres.

It doesn't take much to get the Poms outdoors, here they are on a sunny day in the V&A water feature

One of the glass exhibits

Easter Sunday we spent with friends at Church in the morning then again at the 6:30pm service. What a great day to remember our Lords resurrection.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Dudley to Milton Keynes

After attending the Tipton Christian Church Sunday (the message was storing up treasures, 'The way you store up treasure in heaven is by investing in getting people there' quote from Rick Warren) 7th April we replenished supplies and headed off towards Birmingham. We needed to do a pumpout which has to happen about every 14 days so were looking out for somewhere for that, washing and diesel.

A round about at the intersection of Woverhampton and Fazeley.

We couldn't wait to get out of Birmingham, its a bit like the Raymond Islanders leaving Melbourne, its good to see it in the rear view mirror. David would have loved it with his boat out the front of the famous 'Canal House' restaurant at Gas Street Basin.

Stopping the traffic while we lift the bridge.

We were gratefull for the help of some Waterways Chaplains (Gill and John) down the Hatton flight of 21 locks one after the other. It is said they are the most difficult in the UK. Thanks Gill and John,

The light at the end of the tunnel, note the horse path going up and over the bridge so the boat had to be legged through.

A day at Warwick Castle, climbed to the top of this tower then walked/climbed around to other parts.

Just as well we didn't need this Defibrullator!!!

Now have a look inside the Great Hall

This sure is a large pot for Porridge

Half an hour of the most excellent exhibition of birds of prey - Owls, Hawks and Eagles all soaring the skies.

The Floating Markets are on the go now, you can buy just about anything.

Greyhound walkers meet along the canals each Saturday.

Sunday we went to a Methodist Church at Wolverton, as it was Palm Sunday we were challenged to think how each group of people there on that day over 2000 years ago would have reacted.
After Church we headed down the canal about 1 mile and finished our day at Campbells Park, fitting for the Campbells.


The end of another great week, we have been on the boat for 4 weeks yesterday the 13th April.