Friday, July 26, 2019

The Campbell Clan

Invereray Castle, this magnificent residence is the family home of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell, whose family have been in residence since the early 15th century and still are. Lindsay called by to claim his share in this estate, being a Campbell, unfortunatly the piece of stone was too heavey to bring home likewise with the canon that was guarding the front gate. 

We know why the Campbells are so partial to a Chocolate, especially Cadburys Chocolate, they are joined in wedded bliss.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


The battle of Culloden was betweeen the Jacobites (made up of many people who were for Scotland and Prince Charlie against the British Army). This was the site where the battle was fought and lost in a one hour battle.

Clava Cairns - The Clava Cairns are about 4,000 years old and were built to house the dead.

We searched and searched but we couldn't find the Loch Ness monster anywhere, but people will continue to search as they have for hundreds of years.

The weather closed in, not unusual for Scotland but it didn't stop us.
With our interest in canals we had to visit the Caledonian Canal which goes from Inverness for 60 miles along the Great Glen coming out at Corpach near Fort William. There are about 8 locks in the Inverness section. The single yacht was heading east to Holland while the group of yachts were going across the country then circumnavigating the United Kingdom. We enjoyed watching them also hearing their stories.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Lochcarron Scottish Highland Games

We were disappointed that we had left Inverness a couple of days before their Highland Games but would you believe that we found some only 20 minutes drive from where we were staying on the Isle of Skye.

O what a fun day mixing with all the Scots enjoying old fashioned country games.

Let the games begin!!!

What does a Scottsman wear under his kilt?

If you look hard there is a trail of runners going up the hill climb.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Saying 'Goodbye' to Maia and 'Hello' to Scotland

It was sad to have our last day on Maia after 4 months of her being our home away from home. Marine Cruisers was a wonderful company to deal with, everyone was most helpful.

We caught a train from Crewe up to Edinburgh on Saturday 13th July, would you believe that at Crewe Station on a platform that we could not get to were a couple from Raymond Island who had been in Holland handing over their boat which had been sold to some other Australians. They didn't see us but we took a photo of them from where we were.

In Edinburgh our accommodation was at Leith a seaside suburb, the Royal Yacht Britannia could been seen out the window. We enjoyed spending time on this beautiful old yacht that has now been decommissioned and available for the public to see what they have missed out on over the years.

From there we travelled up the East Coast visiting - The Secret Bunkers, the Verdant Works Museum (Jute, Linen and Hemp), St Andrews Castle and Cathedral parts dating back to 700AD, Discovery Ship from Arctic Exploring from 1905, a 24 hour Bakery (The butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker).

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


On our way we stopped off for an ice-cream and this is what we found.

We walked the city walls of Chester, saw the bustling city centre, were amazed at the ancient Roman Amphitheater.

Ellesmere Port was another step back in time as we saw more of what life was like on the canals in days gone by.