Saturday, June 29, 2019

Industrial Revolution

It was the Industrial Revolution that brought great change to these areas we have been in the last month. Raw cotton was imported, children as young as 5 worked in family businesses at home then a bit later large factories were built along the canals. Calico was woven then designs were printed making it one of the main textile areas. Jones sewing machines were made in Stoke, Beth’s Mum had a Jones which has now been handed down to her eldest granddaughter. Tootal fabrics are also from Stoke, Edneys at Noble Park sold Tootal fabrics.

Manchester Science and Industrial Museum had some excellent displays of cotton weaving which we were fascinated with.

Thursday, June 27, 2019


A walking tour with SiManchester, would you believe his mate is Spanish! 🐝 are a symbol of Manchester working together for the good of all. Emily Pankhurst fought for Woman’s rights, a photo collage and statue depicting her. Jesus sleeping rough (note the nail marks in his feet) this was rejected by London Council but the Manchester embraces it. Vimto is Manchester’s drink like Ribina, to discourage people from drinking alcohol.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lock Heaven

Back at Marple Junction we started the decent after spending time in the high country. This was the beginning of flights of locks. It’s best to begin the flights early in the morning hoping to meet boats coming up which helps share the opening and closing of locks. Marple locks consisting of 16 would bring us down 208’, after a well earned Nanna nap 💤 we strolled into Romiley and found a nice Pub to save cooking. Sunday we went to ‘The Church of the Nazarene’ at Ashton, great singing as they had a group from America like MMM. We met up with them again as we left on our way in the afternoon as they had lunch at the Museum then a cruise down the canal. It was good to have two days without locks as there were 18 locks on the Ashton and would you believe we only passed one boat for the day, it was hard work. Now we will see some of the sights of Manchester over the next couple of days.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Bugsworth and Whaley Bridge

A side canal off the Macclesfield is the Peak Forest Canal taking us along by the River Goyt. Peaceful, the weather ok. The gorge at High Peak - very impressive. Bugsworth Basin and Whaley Bridge, also where we experienced Deep Fried Haggis and Black Pudding as an entree to our Fish and Chips