Sunday, May 26, 2019

Going north along the Oxford Canal

It’s been a leisurely trip back along the Oxford Canal, stopping at Hillmorton ready for the Crick Boat Show.

Some shots along the way.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Time in Oxford

Oxford is a city filled with Universities, here is a glance of our few days. Pity they don’t teach them how to read, this is in the market place.

The Bate Musical Museum was well worth the visit, the collection is valued at over 5.5 million pounds. The instruments are allowed to be loaned out to students for performances or for study use. If yo ever get to Oxford put this on your list, it’s just down from Christ Church Uni.

Orchestra in Tango was at the Jesus College Chapel, Tomas Valicek was the guest accordion soloist.

The history line of the Castle and Prison dating back to medieval times but only closed as a prison in 1996.

Great Tom is the Bell Tower housing the clock at Christ Church University. At 9:05pm every night it rings 101 chimes. This was to alert students to their curfew, still rings but there is no curfew these days. 9:05pm as Oxford claims to be 5 minutes after GMT. We recorded the 101 chimes.

Oxford buildings are often used in films and TV shows, we had added some such buildings.

The last photo is where we worshipped at the Wesley Methodist Church in Oxford, many Uni Students have been part of this Church over the centuries. Notice the carpet and seats.